River Dargle Flood Defence Scheme

River Dargle Flood Defence Scheme

We launched the latest news about the River Dargle Flood Defence Scheme.

As part of the Bray.ie communications plan we produce the following:
  • Copywriting for newsletter
  • PR and media relations
  • Production and circulation of press releases
  • Design & art work
  • Content management of Bray.ie website
  • Video production services
  • Social Engagement plan
Download the Newsletters we designed – Just click on the date to open!
Content management of the scheme web page includes the following:
  • Overview of the scheme
  • Latest news
  • Access to download Nov & Jan newsletters
  • ECFM radio interview
  • Progress update
  • Latest scheme photos
  • Key scheme activities with dates
  • Scheme before and after images
  • Pubic engagement plan

Take a look at it here!

Media engagement 

We work with local media to highlight the key scheme milestones. Listen back to an interview we set up with East Coast FM’s Morning Show.

Video Production

Watch back Novembers video which highlights some of the schemes key milestones!

Social engagement 

Every two months we engage the general public through Twitter & Facebook Bray.ie & Mun District accounts. Information consists of the following:
  1. Newsletter will be shared and can be downloaded to desktop, mobile or tablet
  2. Updated scheme timelines will be shared
  3. Website information will be shared – Highlighting that Bray.ie is home of the RDFD scheme updates.
Then on mid way through the month we will have the #Ask about the scheme on social networks. Q&A session with questions answered within 24 hours.