Introducing #ConnectWicklow Initiative

Introducing #ConnectWicklow Initiative

Take a look at our work for the ‘Let’s bring business to Wicklow! Introducing #ConnectWicklow Initiative’

Connect Ireland is an innovative way to create new jobs in Ireland by harnessing the power of the global Diaspora – at home and abroad.

The aim is to attract foreign companies that are expanding internationally to Ireland through ordinary people, friends, family and business networks – thus creating jobs and securing the future of the Irish economy.

Connect Ireland is an exciting way for people to make a difference in their local area. Now is the time to play your part, whether you live in Ireland or abroad.

We want to encourage Wicklow people in particular to connect with their own networks to create jobs in Wicklow.

Let’s bring business to Wicklow!

Become a Connector, reach out to your network of contacts, family friends and business. Tell them that Wicklow is Open for Business. Help create jobs in our county and earn a financial reward.

It’s easy Register, Refer, Reward at